ME 316 Micromechanics

The course gives a broad overview of micromechanics, emphasizing the microstructure of materials, its connection to Mechanical Engineering. Courses molecular structure and its consequences on macroscopic properties. Topics include phase transformations in crystalline solids, including martensitic, ferroelectric and diffusional phase transformations, twinning and domain patterns, active materials; effective properties of composites and polycrystals, linear and nonlinear homogenization; defects, including dislocations, surface steps and domain walls; thin films, asymptotic methods, morphological instabilities, self-organization; selected applications to micro actuation, thin-film processing, composite materials, mechanical properties and materials design. Open to undergraduates with instructor's permission.




AMCS 201, AMCS 202, ME 211A, ME 211B, ME 212A, ME 212B or Approval by course instructor