Student Information Release and Access

Students may access education records, with the exception of records that students have waived their right to access, such as letters of recommendation. A written request to access specific records is required. This request is available from the Office of the Registrar. Review of records should be done in person. However, if it is not possible for students to review the records in person, copies can be provided (mailed). Any documents submitted to the University are the property of the University. The University may charge a fee for copying and mailing these records.

Students may grant access to any information that they can access, based on a signed and dated release form specifying specifically what information is to be released. Release forms will be valid for one year and maintained in students’ academic folder. Release forms are available from the Office of the Registrar.

Student education records or information may be released without the permission of students to University officials, as well as outside agencies acting on behalf of the University, accrediting agencies, institutions of higher education in which students are enrolled or seek to enroll, or institutions from which students receive financial aid.

For more information, see Student Information Release and Access Policy.