CS 345 Advanced Topics in Distributed and Networked Systems

This course is a graduate seminar that covers design and implementation concepts in distributed systems and networked systems by reviewing a selection of classical and contemporary papers. We will study efficient system design and evaluation as well as learn high-level system issues with a focus on exciting topics in distributed and networked systems. Research in these areas also tends to be scattered across disjoint sets of researchers and conferences and the course attempts to study commonalities. The syllabus for this course will vary from year to years so as to cover a mixture of older and more contemporary systems papers. Contemporary papers will be generally selected from the past 5 years, primarily drawn from high quality conferences such as SOSP, SIGCOMM, OSDI, NSDI and EuroSys. On completion of this module students should have a broad understanding of some key papers and concepts in computer systems research, as well as an appreciation of how to argue for or against any particular idea. There is no textbook for this course.