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College Calendar Changes and Alterations

The Selkirk College Calendar is updated annually and is effective for the academic year that runs from August 1 to July 31. Occasionally, program adjustments may be approved after the Calendar has been published. In this event, the College will list newly approved alterations on the College website. In addition, a list of corrections and post-publication updates to the print edition of the Calendar will be posted online. The online edition of the Calendar may be changed to reflect these changes. Please check this web page regularly for information about changes.

The information contained in this document identifies the intention of Selkirk College at the time of publication. The College reserves the right at any time to deviate from what appears in the Calendar to serve the best interests of the College, or because of circumstances beyond the College’s reasonable control. The College expressly denies responsibility or liability to any person who may suffer loss or who may be otherwise adversely affected by such change.


At the October 13, 2022 Education Council meeting the following items were approved:

Practical Nurse program policy was approved.

The following new courses were approved:

First term courses in the Practical Nurse program:

PNUR 100

PNUR 101

PNUR 102

PNUR 103

PNUR 104

PNUR 105

PNUR 106

Second term courses in the Blacksmithing and Metal Art program :

BKMA 132

BKMA 134

BKMA 136

BKMA 138

Second term courses Digital Fabrication and Design program :

DFAB 206

DFAB 207

DFAB 208

DFAB 209

The following courses had changes that were approved:

ECCE 169

ENVR 190

PGHM 151

PGCM 151

SROM 151

RFW 200


At the November 8, 2022 Education Council meeting the following items were approved:

PNUR 107

PNUR 108

PNUR 109

PNUR 110

PNUR 111

PNUR 112

PNUR 113

PNUR 114

COMM 240