Academic Sanctions

Students who face Academic Sanctions (Academic Probation and Academic Dismissal) will be notified by the Office of the Registrar. Students on Academic Probation have one semester to return to Good Standing. Students who fail to do so will face Academic Dismissal. 

Students facing Academic Dismissal have the right to appeal. Students must submit a written explanation within the time limit specified on the dismissal notice, stating why the dismissal should be rescinded along with any supporting documentation. 

The Academic Performance Committee will evaluate the appeal and decide to grant or deny it based on the supporting documentation, and the likelihood that students can successfully complete their academic program. If the appeal is denied, students will be required to exit the University. 

The decision of the Committee is final, and no additional appeals are permitted. Once students have been notified that the appeal has been unsuccessful, an exit advisor will be in contact with them to explain the exiting process. Students who are dismissed will have up to one week after being notified to complete the exit process.