Audit Courses

  1. Audit courses will be reflected on the transcript.
  2. Credits earned for audit courses will be listed as 0 (zero).
  3. A Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) grade will be assigned to Audit Courses based on the grading criteria set for individual courses.
  4. Audit courses are not credit-bearing and will not directly count towards degree requirements nor impact the Cumulative Grade Point Average.
  5. Course registration rules remain the same for audit courses. Students are responsible for ensuring their registration is accurate for each Semester/Session of registration.
  6. Class participation is required for audit courses, as with regular credit-bearing courses.
  7. Prerequisites for audit courses must be met in advance of registration, similar to regular courses.
  8. Audit courses may serve as a prerequisite for a credit-bearing course only if a Satisfactory (S) grade is obtained.
  9. Approval for audit courses must be obtained from the Academic Advisor and the course instructor prior to registration.
  10. The add/drop deadline remains the same for audit courses, including changing the course status to or from Audit.

Students who wish to audit courses unofficially and not have them listed on the transcript must email the course instructor and academic advisor directly to obtain approval, copying to gain access to course material, once the request has been approved. Students must not register for unofficial audit courses via the course registration portal. Any registration for audit courses via the registration portal will be treated as an official audit.