Note: This policy was updated in August 2023. Refer to the updated Registration Policy.

Each regularly scheduled course has a credit value of 3 credits, for 3 contact hours per week in the fall and spring semesters, and 6 contact hours per week in the summer session. Research credits vary from 3 credits to 12 credits per fall and spring semester and 3 credits to 6 credits in the summer session. Graduate seminars are 0 credit courses, and are required as per program requirements.

Students are expected to maintain full-time registration in every semester and summer session until they have completed their degree requirements. Fall and spring semesters require 12 credits of registration and summer session requires 6 credits of registration to maintain full-time status. Applications for permission to register in more or less than full-time status are permitted only under exceptional circumstances and subject to approval by the associate dean. Students should contact their GPC for further information. In case of late arrival or approved leave of absence, registration credits are prorated. 

Where a student is approved for less than 12 credits of registration (other than as a result of late arrival or an approved leave of absence) for either the fall or spring semester, or 6 credits of registration in the summer, there will be a stipend reduction of 25%.

Students are responsible for ensuring their registration is accurate for each semester/session of registration and for determining the requirements of their program. Students are strongly encouraged to read the relevant program requirements as listed in the program guide. Further information about program requirements is available from the appropriate GPC.

Students are expected to prepare for and attend all scheduled classes during the semester/session. Students are expected to treat one another respectfully, and to offer constructive criticism in course discussions about their classmates’ work. Participation in class is strongly encouraged. Punctuality is required.